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hi everybody i just turned 16 and i got my bronco as my first truck sorta and im only saying this cuz i was origanly getiing a bmw but didnt like so the my mom was gonna give me her montero but i felt cramp and it so then my uncle bought the my bronco from the og and and was re selling it so when i first saw it i fell in love with the style cuz i hardly saw this style that much well i bought it ok so back on topic my bronco is an 86 eddie baurer edtion its barly has 84,ooo og miles has bfg tire on its the paints fading right now but im gonna repaint it blue and black i gonna use the bronco for school and to take my quad to the desert its got the 5.0v8 so right now i have couple of
? what a good exhaust system for my bronco and im looking for a way have the roof off and on so when i take quad to the desert i can load it up on the bronco go offload at the desert and put my roof back on

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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