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First off, I have to say thank you to all of you experts or novices that have posted your knowledge, experience, and opinions on here. (This site has already been helpful in my new purchase).

So, today I bought my third Bronco. This is the ONE. All of my previous Bronco's were casualties of a bad accident and a bad relocation, and were stock 91 and a stock 81.

I am proud to say I will be fixing this bad boy up and I hope you all will help me.

This one is an '89, 351 Eddie Bauer, black and tan, typical sun damage, minor dents and dings, rebuilt e4od (2007 and 20k miles later), rebuilt engine -225k miles and counting, 32 11.50 km2 BF Goodrich km2 tires. the rest will show in pics. (I traded for this Bronco, a glock 21 and a .22 caliber MP5 clone....) Don;t worry I kept the Katana for the Zombie Apocalypse. =)

I will be posting pics tomorrow night as I got the truck late, but to drive with my insurance, title, and bill of sale to a stop sign next to a guy with a new Avalanche and to hear him say " man I always wanted a Bronco" made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I hope to add to the forum as a noobie and also fix a few things on my truck with your help and advice.

Nothing is impossible.

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