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Hello Full Size Broncos

The name is Brady, and I'm a new Bronco owner. I'm the third owner of a 1996 XT. Its got a 302 with about 160,000 miles on it, and the following work has been done to it (that I can tell):

K&N filter and intake
Hedman Hedders (warped flange, so I'm installing new ones today)
Cherry bomb muffler (exits in front of rear tires)
MSD Ignition
Hurst Shifter (trying to figure out what exactly is down there, but the shifter says Hurst on it...)
31" BFG A/T

She still pulls real strong, but the warped header sounds terrible (almost like a machine gun).

I live in Redond Beach, CA stationed at LA Air Force Base (livin the dream!!)

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to learning more about my ride and others on the site. I want to make my truck a daily driver with above average to exceptional off-road capabilities. It needs some work, but its rust free :twotu:

Anyone else here from Southern California? Anyone know a good Bronco shop around here? hit me back!!


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