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Hey guys, I'm new and this is my first post. I bought a 94 bronco xlt in February for $1400 and It was ran great for the last 6 months. I would randomly have issue not being able to start the car until I jiggled the shifter so I re-pinned and replaced the mlps based on a post I found on here. That was last week and everything worked great until yesterday when I lost 1st and 3rd gear. I believe It starts in 2nd gear and stay there until ~50mph where it will drop into OD. If I cancel OD with the button, the revs will just bounce between 3-5k as there is no 3rd. No blinking OD light.

Is 1st and 3rd controlled electronically on the E4OD but 2nd and 4th hydraulic? Im having difficulty finding literature for the 92-94 E4OD.

Any help is appreciated.

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Yo gokullm,
Since the TCIL doesn't blink and no CEL, see Diagnosis by Symptom Index in
1996 Bronco Workshop Manual, partial,by Ford via 1996 Bronco/F-Series

Manual Lever Position/Transmission Range (MLP/TR) Sensor - E4OD Controls Overview, Sensors, DTC (s) & Diagram; "... The powertrain control module sends voltage to the Transmission Range (TR) sensor. The TR sensor incorporates a series of step-down resistors which act as a voltage divider. The powertrain control module monitors this voltage which corresponds to the position of the gearshift selector lever (P, R, N, (D), 2 or 1). The powertrain control module uses this information to determine the desired gear and electronic pressure control pressure. The TR sensor is located on the outside of the transmission at the gearshift selector lever. Harsh engagements, firm shift feel. DTC 634, 654, 667, 668, P0705, P0707, P0708, P1705..."
Source: by Ford

Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS) Adjustment Info; "...back-probe the MLP line with a volt meter while in Park, and set it to between 4.277 and 4.736 volts (ideally at 4.5065V, right in the middle of the two limits). As a "double-check" afterward, pull the lever down to 1st gear, and again test the MLP voltage; it should be between 0.293 and 1.167 volts, ideally in the middle at 0.73V..."
Source: by SigEpBlue (Steve) at FSB

Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS) Re-Pining; "...the connectors were changed starting in 95 for both the mlp senser and the solenoid pack. other than that they are interchangeable. the internals were changed in 95 for the better; MLPS, according to the connector instruction sheet that came with the new connector. wires positions by circuit # are exactly the same from old to new. there is no mention of wire color. the wires are designated by circuit # so basically one at a time take each wire out.... and put it in the same place it came out of on the new connector..."
Source: by thePUNISHER (Paul) at FSB

Shift Lever Replacement; "...To change it, you'll want to drop the steering column. This sounds more difficult than it actually is. There's four nuts that hold the column up. 1/2 head side. Take the plastic housing off, undo the gear select cable, drop the column. There are a couple of plates that hold it in place. Torx head screws hold the plates. Undo those, then the shifter will become loose. Wiggle it free. Install in reverse order. Now, I did not pull the shifter itself while the column was in the truck. So there might be a little more involved if you try to do this while the column is in the truck. If it seems tricky to do so without the column removed completely, then remove it. There's a bolt the attaches the the steering rod to column, shift cable and some wiring to remove.,,"
Source: by sackman9975 (Scott) at 95 Bronco overdrive button

ASAP, find out if speed control recall work, if equipped was completed @ Recalls Look-up by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number); or @ Welcome to Ford Owner | Official Ford Owner Site; or ... have VIN ready. While there, see most Ford dealer maintenance/repairs done @ any dealership nation-wide.
See this guide by jowens1126 to confirm recall status @ 93 & 94-96 Cruise Control Recalls Repair
Note that the 93 recall is different than 94-96.

For any Bronco questions or to chat about it's planned modifications or build, it's better to post each seperately in Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone. This will get more attention and you can build up your post count to get into other sections such as Bronco and Ford Parts/Accessories (75 posts required to view due to scammers who preyed on our members.). I'll move this thread to noobie section
for you.

To save you time and for better responses, please fill out your Bronco info with location, year, engine size, transmission type, transfer case type (manual or electric shift), locking hub type (automatic or manual) info & major mods such as a Lift, etc. .
Bronco info is now able to be put under your user name.
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On that first page, named Account Details, scroll down to "Vehicle Info" and type in up to 100 characters.

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BabaLooey's Favorite FSB Links (lots and lots of tech links) ... includes such as, "Tailgate Window repair & troublehooting.

1994 Bronco Brochure, Partial; Cover & Page 3; plus pics of EDDIE BAUER model accessories.
by BigRob at 1994 Ford Bronco Bronco Accessories pictures, videos, and sounds |

Try to find time to participate in our current Full-Size of the Quarter Contest &
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Thank you for all the references. I used this pinout for a 1995 style mlps where ground(57) and electric transfer case(463) are swapped compared to the 1994 style. Can you confirm this is incorrect based on the following diagrams?

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If anyone stumbles into this thread with the same symptoms as mine, back-probe the mlps and check ohms between circuits (199) and (359) when in the D position. I had 1.1k ohms instead of ~400 ohms. Miesk5 thanks for the technical references, they really came in handy.
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