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New Rear Wheel Bearing Seal Way Too Tight

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I just replaced my rear wheel bearings on both sides and the axels (factory 8.8) are really really difficult to slide back in. It is to the point I don't think the axel can be fully seated. I am not sure if I set the seal to deep where it is compressing the inner ring some how (that even possible?). This happened on both driver and passenger side with the same parts. I am 99.9% sure I have the right seal but for the life of me can't figure out why the axels are so hard to get back in. I slide the seal over the axel before installing and it fit nice but after install it is way to tight.

I am confident the bearings are seated all the way... can't figure it out.

Anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for any insight!
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Yo Ross,
Hope this helps:
"CAUTION: Installation of the rear wheel bearing or inner wheel bearing oil seal assembly without the proper tool may result in a bearing or seal failure. If inner wheel bearing oil seal becomes cocked in the bore during installation, remove inner wheel bearing oil seal and install a new inner wheel bearing oil seal.

Lubricate the new rear wheel bearing with rear axle lubricant and install the rear wheel bearing into the housing bore using Axle Wheel Bearing Replacer T83T-1225-B."

Read more in 1996 Bronco/F Series Workshop Manual @
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