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I dont know what the hell is so upsetting about someone trying to do something to help out others...... Heres the gist of the whole thing.

First Group Buy: 1. Need 6 or More people for discount.
2. Get 12 people who say they want them.
3. Time to send the checks in.
4. Oh look 6 people backed out for whatever
reason. None of our damn business....
5. But we still have 6 checks.
6. Whats so hard about that!!!!!!!!!!!
7. But there are other people who wanting in on
the buy.
8. Well lets get another Group Buy going.

Second Group Buy: 1. MDA (Mr. Dumb Ass) has a problem!!!!!!!!!
2. Two very nice and helpful guys who we all
know are getting crapped on for doing
something that I dont see too many others
trying to do.

Anyway its a bunch of
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