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New steering pump, OBA compressor, snorkel install

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I've had the pump and my compressor for while and finnaly got started on putting it all together this past week. I ain't got much for pics but I'll post what I've got.

I got the pump and bracket from the local pick and pull. These came out of a 90's model E-150 EFI same block as mine.
I modified the pump to take the original high pressure outlet valve, so i ground down the outer lip for it to fit

The saginaw pump valve on the left the original pump valve on the right

It screwed in pretty nice but it dose leak a little

I bolted it to the block to check for pulley alignment all is good. That's 100% bolt on saginaw pump swap.

Next is the compressor for my OBA. I found this in a early 70's model ford pick up a York 210R.

Here is the bracket that I fabbed up not much but it'll hold just the same.

I bolted it all up to check if all the holes matched so far so good

Final install of pump, belt lines up nicely

I know i'm being a post whore but bare with me lol.
Now the snorkel is being worked on here is what I've done so far.
Since I couldn't get the pvc pipe to go over the pump I cut off about 3" or so of the intake hose and slid the 2" pipe inside. It has a nice tight fit.

After cutting the pieces of pipe i had to use a 2" 45* pipe to make it fit in the y pipe.

Here it is with the y pipe in the hose and the 3" coupler next in line

So here is the intake with everything off

Now with it all mocked up checking for clearaces and length

That's all I've done so far weather isn't letting me do much at a time since i can't even get the front end in the garage. I'll keep posting when i get more things in.:beer
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looking good. The York is extremely impresive and the Sag pump is night and day from the stocker.

I don't know if you have seen this but here's some extra pictures and tech from when I did it.
The hose is old so it's starting to sag but yea i'm going to have to reroute my hose. I'm going to use some prebend exhaust pipe to get the angles needed. I'm also changing the y pipe. I just stopped at an exhaust shop and they said that they can fab something up for me on the cheap for the most part.
Well things have down to a stand still. Just as the exhaust shop was going to start working on it, it decided not to start working. After some trouble shooting, and alot of research, it ended up being a bad TFI module on the dizzy. My only prob now is that my tach don't work. I'll have to figure that out later. More on the install of the snorkel later when I get the bronc back.

Ok so here we go
As you can see that my first idea was to use the PVC "y" pipe. I had seen some one from here use exhaust pipe welded together with a larger outer diameter for the snorkel input

I've already done the measuring from the "y" pipe to the 90* pvc and cut my hole through the fender

Here you can see the some what path that it's going to take not too bad so far

Here it's just mocked up to see how it would look if it were glued in and tightened up

I took my buddy's advise and used silicone instead of pvc glue incase it breaks. I would then be able to pull things apart instead of starting all over again. These are the finished product.

Looking at clearences and how far it sticks out.

Well there's my build I hope that y'all can use some of this.
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Well ok here is an update for the snorkel. I needed to put in a filter in so here is what I'm doing now.
I found this set up on a 99 Windstar and thought that it would fit in pretty good here is my idea for now.

Here are the pieces of it

Here is how it sits all guled together. I'm going to have to wait till tomorrow to get it in the rig. The weather isn't very warm today so it's taking the silicone a while to dry
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Looks good. You do have inner fenders and plan on reinstalling them though right?
No I don't have any inner fenders anymore. I cut out my fenders for the bushwackers that got riped off while wheeling. I'm going to replace fab some new ones once I get back from overseas.
sweet snorkel. i'll have to remember this thread if i decide to make one. is that just angle metal with the holes in it?
How come the HP line leaks alittle?
Looks good, but it looks like the serp belt is rubbing on the upper coolant hose? That could cause some issues haha.
How come the HP line leaks alittle?
Since I didn't use the steering box from the van that I got the pump from the HP lines were different, so I modified the pump a little. I just need to use a flat o'ring to get it to stop leaking is all.

Looks good, but it looks like the serp belt is rubbing on the upper coolant hose? That could cause some issues haha.
Ya know I think that my rubber body mounts are starting to squish down it wasn't rubbing before all this was going on go figure something else that needs to be done.

sweet snorkel. i'll have to remember this thread if i decide to make one. is that just angle metal with the holes in it?
Yea it is just bought it at Lowe's, don't need much though.
Looks pretty good. I know its a bit after the fact, but you could have pulled a y-piece off the intake of a 95-96 bronco/f150 at the jy. You replaced your a/c with the york? If you had pulled the pressure lines with the Saginaw, the steering box side of the lines would have fit your steering box. I'd imagine if it is leaking thru the threads maybe some teflon tape would help?
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