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Hello everyone! I've been using the site for a little while but have never officially signed in by introducing myself and my ride, so Davids78 and everyone else, here it is...

My name is Steve Johansen. I live in Victoria BC.
I am a fabricator at a local shop that specializes in building chromemoly sprint car chassis, pro street drag cars and everything else that most would find real cool.

Currently we are building a mid 60's Chevy II with a blown alcohol 1800 hp mill, and a '47 Ford p/u that the guy is putting a 502 hp 502 cid Chevy mill in (I know, I know!)

Anyways, I have 2 trucks that in time will become one. The one I'm building up is a '78 Bronco with a 400, C6, and an NP205.

The donor truck is a '76 F250 4X4 on 38" Swamper SX's with a 460, C6 and 60's front and rear. The 460 and front 60 (high pinion from a '79) were add-ons by myself.

Right now the Bronco is sitting on brand new 35" BFG All-Terrains with no lift. I have recently converted the 205 to a twin-stick and made a new shifter assembly. I bought the dual boot from JBG.

I have to get it driving REALLY SOON as riding my enduro m/c is getting really freakin' cold, so a lot of the mods will happen in the spring. They will include...

Installaling both 60's (rear has a locker, front open, FOR NOW!!!)
Motor and trans from truck (has about 500-550 hp)
38" Swampers on Hummer beadlock rims (I have the rims and I am working on them now)

Lots more coming, just can't think of them all now!

Anyways, that's it for now. I like the site and check it often.

Thanks for lettin' me babble!


Oh yeah, I'm running the Chrysler twin cylinder a/c compressor pump for onboard air. I have pics, but don't know how to post. I've sent them by email to Davids78, so maybe he can post them for me!
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