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My name is Zac, I am from Fairbanks, AK. I grew up in NC and had several buddies in and around Greensboro with 78-79's and worked on them quite a bit. Finally had a chance to get one of my own yesterday.

Buddy on the rugby team had this sitting in his driveway for a few years, he bought it to do a budget boost and 33's to take the fam camping but he is a Capt. in the Army and never has the time.

1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, 351 auto, ect

I asked him how much,..... $100.. yes, $100. How could I say NO?

Its in great stape, frame is rust free, body has a little above the fender trim but thats about it. The 351 needs a lil work, timing cover is off, needs new head/ valve cover gaskets and a lil tlc.

The plan is to throw a shackle flip kit on the rear, get a new set of OE springs or maybe some super duty's. 6" coils on the front, drop brackets, drop pitman, bushing kit and a new extended track bar. Gonna run the 44/9 til they blow and then swap in 60's with a better suspension. The main goal now is to have fun, I have a tow rig to get it there and back so thats half the battle for me. Im not throwing much money into it this winter, but next summer may be a whole nother story. I am living in a shop this winter so this thing will get a good bit of work done to it for sure.

And now... the pics!

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