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I bought these for a project that never materialized

They are brand new never installed or even test fit so they are in PERFECT CONDITION

I paid $170.00 with shipping and am asking the list price of $140.00

I am in clearfield Utah
I would like to sell locally

This is the details from there website on these coils

Rock Crawler 5 1/2" Coil Springs Pair

Item #: 1005W

Rock Crawler 5 1/2" Coil Springs Pair

When rock crawling was beginning to grow in popularity, most of the Bronco coil springs on the market where a linear rate design with very heavy spring rates. The bar size was so large that the springs barely fit the coil cups. What you had was a stiff, non-flexible coil with a ride that would jar the fillings out of your teeth. It became obvious to us that we needed something different, so we designed and developed the ground breaking Rock Crawler coil line. At that time, the Rock Crawlers were the softest coil you could buy for the EB. These days you can get coils so soft that you can't hardly go around a street corner without body roll that makes your Bronco resemble a boat in the water. In contrast, the Rock Crawler coils are completely compatible with daily driving and off-road terrain from coast to coast. Since their introduction, we have received overwhelming positive feedback from Rock Crawler users.
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