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That's 01/01/04 for the cheep seats.

We are meeting in the "dirt parking area" on the North bound side of Bee Line Hi-Way at the intersection of Bee Line and Bush Hi-Ways.

Meeting time is 10:00am with or with out a hang over. :drinkbud I'll bring some Excedrin.

We plan to run the Sycamore Creek area.

The run will enter Lower Sycamore and then take the "hidden" bypass over to upper. The day will mostly be just screwing around but Bud and I do have a goal to find a spur trail we came across a couple years ago that was a bit much for out rigs then but now...we'll see.

Every body's welcome. A stock rig with A/T's should be able to make it as long as the driver is a little on the :wacko side and doen't mind a little Arizona pin striping. Some of the brush can be over grown.

It should be a little muddy and there might even be some water in the wash if it rains again.

Pack a lunch, we'll most likely be there most of the day.

The trip will run rain or shine.

E-mail me directly if you need more info. ([email protected])

See ya out there.
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