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Signed up to read and learn about problems, repairs, modifications, etc. This site has been very informative. I'm currently in the market for a 92-96 FSB. Need to get rid of my truck payment and have always liked the FSB (fits my needs at this point as well). I was hoping to get a look at the FS section, but I guess you have to have a certain number of posts for that privilege.

Since I cant browse classifieds I'm looking for a 92-96 that runs well and is rust free (I can handle light tailgate, but no rear fender/quarter panel). Looking pretty much anywhere in the SE (NC, SC, GA). Would prefer stock, but will consider small lifts (<4"). I'm not a big off-roader and will be "building it" mainly for towing so the 5.8 would be a plus. Price is 100% dependent on year/options/condition, but nothing over $6k. I'm keeping an eye on CL and trader, but if any of y'all see one around I'd love to know about it.

Hopefully I'll be able to participate in the coming months. :rockon

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