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Great site guys! Glad to be on board, & when I get this new damn camera figured out I will post a link to my 91'. Gotta be honest right off the bat & let you know this is the first Ford I have ever owned, but I have now seen the light & with a little help from you guys I can get a few of those little trouble making gremlins under the hood back on track! Thanks in advance for the advice & help I know I will get on this site when I need it.

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Welcome aboard. :beer
When you finaly get the digi cam going here's how to post pics (and other usefull info):

A few things to know:
1. Make sure to vote for FOTM each month by going to the FOTM thread and picking your fav. nominee! (10 new nominees each month, and someday it could be you!)
2. Be sure to vote for this site at TOP4x4 by clicking the link at the top of the page once a day. (It brings us in alot of new traffic!)
3. Post up some pics of your rig!
(click here—>click me, click me!! to find out how!)
4. Add your rig's specs (or a pic) to your sig line. (It comes in handy, when asking questions, for people to know what kinda rig their helping you with!)
5. Before asking a handful of questions please try the search button at the top right hand corner of the page.
It looks like this:
This site has been around long enough that ALOT of topics have already been discussed and now all you gotta do is read.

Again, welcome aboard, make your self at home!!!:thumbup

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Welcome to our home Mo-Bronco! Always welcome another noob!
Since your from the "Show Me!" state... lets see some pics man!

I lived in Iron Mountain for a spell. Went to H.S. in... uh, well... something like Bismark I think it was. Sure don't miss them skeeters, chiggers, mud-dobbers and all them other little critters! Fun wheelin/dirt biking down there though! :thumbup
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