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Newbie from Wellsville, MO

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HI, my name is Brian and I have a 92 F150 2wd that I'm Putting on a 4wd drive frame. I have always owned GM vehicles... 80 monte carlo, 84 monte carlo, 79 1/2 ton chevy p/u. I bought this 92 from my father-in-law and have been very inpressed with it. I need a 4wd and I like my truck so I fugured when my dad blew the motor in his 4wd and damaged in the last tornado (cab cut in half buy a piece of plywood) I'd use his frame to make my truck

Since I've always owned a chevy product I had a few questions and a friend of mine told me that if I any question this would be the place to get answers.

my current vehicles...

92 F150 351w 2wd (geetting ready to become 4wd)

93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (full time 4wd)

86 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle
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Welcome to FSB. Search is your friend.
welcome to FSB :beer
welcome to the fsb from a fellow missourian
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