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Ok guys. My name is VallieAnn. I am a newbie both to the site and to owning a full size Bronco. It has been my dream for long time. had a bronco II but well just not what i wanted. i live in western wa and just bought a 95 with a 5.8l~ 351 looks to be completely stock with a straight body. Don't know much bout them :doh0715: but want to learn everything i can. I want to grow it up some ~bout 4 in ;) ~but keep it pretty. maybe buying a second one this weekend. it is an 85 and i want it for off roadin. owners son said he wanted 500 for it. has 1 dent (and had only 1 owner) said maybe cracked head & broken back glass with burnt out window motor but otherwise seems all minor stuff. good for fixin up for off road i think.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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