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I wanted to write up a good review for anyone looking for tires on their DD.

I have Terra Grapplers on my DD 04 F150. LT285/75R17 10 ply E - load range. More of a All-Terrain they have done me really well in the mud, snow, rain, and road. Seem to wear better than I expected. Got a deal at Merchants and the guy that put them on the truck said they should last a good 50k miles. But Nitto does not rate the mileage on them for some reason.

I have put about 10k miles on them in a year and they still look new.

But yes they talk to you on the highway. That really doesn't bother me since I have grown numb to the noise from the Exhaust, radio, and always having loud tires.

My daily driving with them are:

70% roads no towing
15% off road
15% Towing

SO I would recommend them if you can deal with the noise they have been great DD/work tires for me.

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