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1996 Bronco 302ci 5-speed Manual transmission 4x4 127,000 miles
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I may be reading the info wrong but I haven't figured out the issue yet. I haven't found the answer if it's on here.

*** What failure points, NOT including the wiring itself, could interrupt both of the Reverse Lights as well as the 6-wire trailer plug, and the OBD scanner plug, or at least the Reverse lights? The check engine light is on, but I can't read the code due to the OBD scanner port not having connection.

All other items/accessories/lights on the 96 Bronco are working. And it's starting and running good also. Previous owner said Reverse lights, trailer plug and OBD scanner plug worked a few weeks ago before I bought it. I assume he's not lying, but he's not giving me any helpful info. But I can see someone had removed some 12v supply insulation at the Left reverse light to check for someone screwed around with it at some time.

I've already checked the single 15-amp fuse (slot #5) under the hood, all relays under the hood, the manual transmission reverse position switch (and jumpered it), visually checked all points of wire I can see, and confirmed the ground is good all down the wire and at the bulbs.

I also checked and confirmed 12v at the harness feeding the reverse position switch and its ground.

The problem seems to be the 12v is not making it past something, like another switch or splice I don't know of, that's located between the fuse box and the split where 12v goes to the trailer plug and the Reverse lights.

Thanks much!
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