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No Start, no power to solenoid

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Hey Guys,
My 88 5.8L started acting up the other day. It was running fine all day, then I shut it off at the store. When I returned to the vehicle it wouldn't start.

When you turned the key, it doesn't do anything at all. The battery is fine, and I get power to everything. The starter is new.

I figured it was the solenoid, so I replaced that. Still nothing.

If you jump between the positive and the "S" terminal on the solenoid, the truck starts fine.

I've replaced the cables and scrubbed everything down, still no dice.

Is there a fuse someplace I should be looking for? I see the rubber "fuseable link" pieces on the lines to the solenoid, but they do not appear to open. Am I missing something??

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I've replaced everything in the chain except the nss at some point in the last 6 months. I pulled it off today, but nobody had one in stock, I will have to order one tomorrow. I'm hoping that will get it running again.

Mine close to the one you posted, but the connector is different. Mine is a 6 pin, that one is a 4.

Even if you removed the nss, you could crank it by jumping the relay, correct? It just wouldn't fire, right? If the nss was bad, it wouldn't complete the circuit and it won't run, right?
Alright, the NSS went in today and she cranks with a key now. Now I just gotta get a jump to recharge the battery and I should be back in action.

Thanks guys!!
im getting the same problems, no lights or bells, no start without jumping, i need to check the nss.
I'm curious if you pulled codes and got a fault code: 67 NSS ......?

I've experienced all of these issues so:

(1) In some cases all of us at one time or another have had to "jiggle' the column shifter to get the vehicle to start because over time things losen up from DD the Haynes Manual transmission section and there's a diagram referring to "Point A" which is the column shift linkage and the transmission tab.

A sure way to correct the "jiggling" is to go underneath the BKO on the drivers side and LOSEN the "nut" on column shift linkage and tranny tab JUST ENOUGH to click the tranny tab all the way back until it stops then 2 clicks forward and tighten the "nut" the column shift linkage and transmission are in sync when you go thru the grears, assuming the steering column is in resonable condition this should help correct that problem.......TOO MANY TIMES THE NSS IS DEEMED THE CULPRIT for none start when it isn't so this is a simple check to make sure....

(2) There is also another PRNDDL adjustment, but you need to remove the black plastic collar on the steering wheel, this is usually done when an actuator breaks and using pliers drive the rod downward with key on to start.....there is usually a white cable that wraps around and attached to a small mm screw IIRC that when lossened a bit it allows you to adjust the "needle" that registers on each letter of the PRNDDL......becarefull because it's attached with a very fine wire loop and easily broken.....

(3) Regarding the starter relay, you should always check the (S) side for voltage along with the condition of that cable to the stater motor, no voltage, no start.....starter relays can be tested free.....

(4) The "upper ignition actuator" is another culprit because they're made of cheap pot metal.....and a PITA job to do........

I realize not all BKO's are mechanically identical but this should help for a quick diagnosis when this occurs........

Good Luck ~ :thumbup
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Just fixed my problem.
it turned out, i just had to clean off all the paint off the battery termal post connector. cleaned with wire brush and wheel.
just wasnt getting a good connection at battery.
Glad you got it figured out Brother ~ :thumbup
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