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This from the ASA

Dear Fellow ASA Member,
Border Patrol
has Implemented Zero Tolerance
for Illegal Mexican Border Entries
Beginning in January 2008, the Border Patrol will be conducting enhanced operations along the border encompassing both the Grey's Wells and Midway Campgrounds. These operations will include a heightened detection and surveillance strategy coupled with an immediate response protocol to intercept all illegal cross border traffic. We will implement a zero tolerance for illegal cross border entries. It is and will remain the responsibility of the recreationists to know and abide by the law. Recreationists who accidentally illegally cross the border are subject to the zero tolerance.
Entry into the United States must be via a Port of Entry. Any individual who effects an illegal entry is subject to arrest and/or fine. Vehicles and personal property are subject to seizure.
Please read the their letter to fully understand the Border Patrol enhanced operations along the border encompassing both Grey's Well, Buttercup and Midway Campgrounds. CLICK HERE

The American Sand Association
Unite, Inform, and Mobilize
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Border Patrol will take you to jail but let the illegal's on foot go.
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