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Now with even more Protien per loaf!!

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When I was little we found roaches in a loaf of bread once!!!!!:uke: :uke: :uke:
I am afraid that isnt a roach, thats a mouse bud.
Well if you have ever dealt with roaches that probably brings back bad memories. I still cant eat Raisin Bran...
Beerman - I know just throwing out there what it's like to find something that disgusting. We lived in an old trailer and didn't hardly have anything. To think back I can't really remember having that many descent meals other than school. But no doubt that's a nasty find though.
The funny thing is Mike that when i first glanced at it, I thought it was a big roach. I thought we were looking at the underside of it, and the tail was the left antenna.

Then i figured out it was a mouse, and seen that you mentioned roaches and I thought damn, I aint the only fool.

:lolup :lolup :lolup :toothless
He got sliced up pretty good too.
my sandwich doesnt taste that good anymore...

then again, it was coincidentally a mouse sandwich, so it didnt taste that good before.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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