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Well, I am not quite a newbie to the broncos, but this is my first post here and the first time I have run into this problem.

I have a 79 Bronco with a 351M and a C6 with NP205 gearbox. I am taking it out as a whole and I have a fresh 460 with a fresh C6 and a BW1356 out of an 86 F350. The bronco 351 and C6 are tired and completely over life. I want to take the BW1356 off the 460 and put the 205 on and then throw the whole thing in the bronco.

Sadly it will not be this easy, it appears that the part that goes between the trans and T case is about 2.5" longer on the original bronco stuff than the 460 stuff and I am guessing that the output shaft on the bronco trans is also longer than the F350 trans.

What are my options here? I suppose the 205 would bolt up to the BW1356 middle piece (hopefully the output shafts are splined the same?) but then the driveshafts will need to be redone which will be $$$$ and this is a budget build. I really want to run the 205, and I think even if I leave the BW1356 on, the driveshafts will need to be changed and I really want to avoid this. :banghead

Another thought, maybe run the longer middle piece with the F350 trans and see if Advance Adapters or somebody makes an adapter middle shaft to lengthen the output shaft of the trans to end up with the same length as the bronco one?

EDIT, its a BW1356 not a NP203 on the F350 trans.

I am looking for the cheapest outcome here, this is a ranch truck that I enjoy taking to the dunes, and sadly life will not allow me to sink money into driveshafts etc. It is my cheap stress relief on the weekends.

I look forward to hearing your input!! :beer
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