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Wiring Diagram in a 79
Source: by Chilton @
See Back-Up Switch in Lower right; Check wiring
W/Pink from fuse to sw; from sw to lamp is Red/Blue

Ranger 429 wrote; "...It might just be that it needs an adjustment to get the reverse lights to work. Ther is an alignment hole on the side where an 1/8" drill bit will go. Loosen the 2 bolts and realign it..."

Adjustment in a 79 C6; "...straight from all data...should be the same for the 78; Place transmission manual lever in neutral position, then insert a .091 inch gauge pin through gauge pin holes, Fig. 8. Tighten switch attaching bolts, then remove gauge pin. Install outer downshift lever and retaining nut. Install downshift linkage rod return spring between lever and retaining clip on low-reverse servo cover. Reconnect electrical connectors, then check operation of switch..." see diagram
Source: by Tim O (RED WAGON, redwagon) at
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