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Nuetral Safety Switch info

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I have another thread about this, but it is unorganized and way bigger.

I had to raplace my nuetral safety switch last week and I thought this might be helpful to at least one person.

The Nuetral safety switch goes on the outside of your tranny and detects which gear you are in and only lets you start the car if you are in nuetral or park. It it wired between the starter relay and the starter switch. It is located on the drivers side of the transmission where the shift lever and the downshift cable attach.

I have an 89 Bronco with a C6 transmission. I actually had to get a 90 NSS from the parts store so maybee I had a late production 89. I had to odrer mine from advance auto parts because Napa did not have it. I got a Borg Warner Design part, I am not impressed with the quality but if it fails I can easily repalace it. Here is the old one and new one side by side. You can see how the epoxy sealer has seperated all the way around the edge in the ild one.

Removing it should take no more than 5 min. There is a little bolt at each end and one nut in the middle the nut is the hardest thing. You have to immobilize the lever attached to it in order to get the nut off.

When put it back in you are supposed to adjust it but I just put it in the middle and it works for me.
I hope this helps someone.:scratchhe
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i didnt know it just unplugged like that. i ended up bypassing mine but i no longer have reverse lights. i may just replace mine now
Bypass it, its a stupid nanny device for people who can't drive. I've replaced two of these so far on two different broncos. They seem to go out around 130K miles. These things cost around $80-100 bucks and can leave you stranded (although you can always jump the solonoid to get going again). I bypassed mine for free and guess what, i've never started my truck in park or drive.
forget bypassing it ive had my gf drive my truck and mine was grounded and she turned it on and it was in 1st and rolled down my yard
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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