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ok, now it shifts late!!

OK ok, you guys are probably tired about hearing from me. i just had the trans shop that rebuilt my trans install a the rest of a shift kit into my AOD, it now shifts nice and firm and i like that part of it, but when it comes time for it to get on over into overdrive, it has to be sped up to 65 for it to kick over! I talked to the shop and they just said that i should ajust the TV cable and maybe make it shift sooner, Im just wondering now, can i atleast make it shift around 60? or 55? im just worried becasue there are time where i am just driving on 55mph roads and i would rather not have it not have to go 65 (ie 10 over the speed limit!!!!) to get it to shift. or am i just bitching? please set me strait!

It could be the cable, It is too tight.
If you can back it off just a tad, and it will make it shift earlier.
Too much and it will go into OD at 30mph.

Play with it and make it whift where you want.

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Ahh, it was so long ago when I had the tranny shop rebuild my AOD and put in a shift kit, prob about 7 years ago. What I do remember was that I was able to hold shifts through higher rpms. When getting onto the freeway I could hold gears up to 5500 rpms before it'd shift itself.

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i installed a Trans-go shift kit into my AOD. it just made my shifts firmer and left the shift points the same.
i also believe u need to re-adjust the TV cable

my trans doesnt automatically shift at 5500 rpms because i left out that half of the kit, but i can manually allow it to shift at 5500. in automatic it will shift at the normal 4700ish rpm
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