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ok, now it shifts late!!

OK ok, you guys are probably tired about hearing from me. i just had the trans shop that rebuilt my trans install a the rest of a shift kit into my AOD, it now shifts nice and firm and i like that part of it, but when it comes time for it to get on over into overdrive, it has to be sped up to 65 for it to kick over! I talked to the shop and they just said that i should ajust the TV cable and maybe make it shift sooner, Im just wondering now, can i atleast make it shift around 60? or 55? im just worried becasue there are time where i am just driving on 55mph roads and i would rather not have it not have to go 65 (ie 10 over the speed limit!!!!) to get it to shift. or am i just bitching? please set me strait!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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