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47-4x4 switch closed
23- closed throttle TPS voltage higher or lower than expected
49- 1-2 shift error
67- neutral safety switch
69- 3-4 shift error
33- EGR valve opening not detected
59- 2-3 shift error
67- again??
69- Again??

Just bought this thing a few weeks back. Only has reverse. Engine will "load" up when you manually put in 1st. Learned how to pull codes thanks to you guys, thought you could give me some more pointers. It is 1990 with 351 and
automatic tranny with push button OD. Starts up and runs good, just have to drive in reverse. I even tried to put into 4x4, still no forward. Any advice?
Thank you.

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I'm not down in the man cave at the moment where my code reader book is but code:67 is either A/C issue or NSS neutral safety switch, located underneath on the transmisson case, drivers side IIRC with a 2 wire some cases the NSS issue could simply be that the "column shift linkage" is out of sync with the transmission when you run thru the PRNDDL, ie: havng to jiggle or lift it to "START" the vehicle or the white "reverse lights" come on in park are signs etc. etc.....

It's a simple, inexpensive task to "service " the transmission with a filter/gasket kit and fluid yourself depending on whether yours is an AOD (14 bolt pan pattern ) or E4OD (17 bolt pan pattern) but in either case the kit and fluid cost is $36.00 to $70.00 range, E4OD's cost a bit more but when you think of $150.00 to $200.00 in a local tranny shop, you learn real quick...

There's a simple 10 minute max linkage adjustment procedure in the Haynes Repair Manual OR go to and look under the transmission section and see if it "applies" to your yr BKO first or if there is a similiar procedure, not everything is continuos thru the years ...the procedure explanation and diagram, illus. Point A are there.....

For fuelinjection related issues go to - it's owned by an FSB member....who also offers terrific parts as well if you need.

It sounds like you've already discovered the Holy Grail ~ "search" lol....and trust me there is a ton of Helpful info though sometimes you have to be patient and wade thru a lot of stuff but it's FREE and eventaully you will find an answer/resolve similar to yours....

Once you get familiar with the BKO system they're pretty straight forward to fix with moderate to reasonable wrenching skills, remember it's a USED/ABUSED vehicle and a lot of what may be wrong is due to how well or poorly the PO performed routine maintanence etc....:banghead

Enjoy, your in good hands now!

Good Luck ~ :thumbup
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