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fixed your title typo. :thumbup
Already dropped a little note in the thread before I saw this but yea... that's got to suck.

Ewgoetz, if you see this then you know you have our condolences and support. If you need anything from us... you know we're here for ya man!

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Sorry for your lost. If you need anything let us know...

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That must be pretty devastating, I can offer an ear and a prayer. Sorry for the loss.

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My absolutely sincerest condolences on your loss. Peace and strength to both you and your girlfriend's family.

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Thanks all!
Didn't even see this.
Here is a pic of me and her together.

Wish we had snaped more pics together, I just was never much of a photo type person.
Really hard for me to type more about her, but to break it down simply about her..... Her heart was emormus....
Her she was laid to rest yesterday after noon.
Everything was beautiful and I know she would of loved it.
The place she was laid to rest is in a very small cemetery. It has lots of large oak trees all around it. There is a school that surrounds it on all 3 sides of it as well. She loved kids soooo much. In the past that cemetery also has several civil war soldiers buried in it as well.
Her name was Melanie N. Novotny.

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And soo young looking.... what a bummer. It sad to know she died so young too.
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