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One reason my dad doesnt like me

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Here's a picture of my dad's nice lawn and house

His nice driveway

My work area... ZF/SAS in progress

But at least his garage is still clean
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85f150 said:
Does your dad go nuts when you get the floor dirty, like jsut dirt or spill a little oil? Mine flips out, but he can do it and it isn't a big deal
That's the reason my truck isnt allowed in the garage any more. And yes every tool has to be put away everyday and the floor and all the work benches swept off too. But hey I can't complain I've got +$100k in Snap-on tools and equipment to play with.

SigEpBlue said:
Hell, he should be proud to have a son that's workin' on something like that! Tell him to count his blessings you're not being ghey and "pimpin'" a fart-pipe & park-bench-wing Honda.
The ZF swap seems more appealing to him since he likes driving stick but the SAS with 6" of lift always makes him shake his head, if I ever convince him to go wheelin with me when it's done and I show him what it can do I bet he'll smile but he wont want to admit he did.
XLTbeast said:
wow what a great thread. I was told today that i was worthless and lazy because my truck has made no progress and is cluttering shit up. and MY yes my own tools were everywhere. Heres the good part. I work 5-6 days week 10Hrs. per day and have done pretty much a frame up in about a month and half. ok im done ranting.
WTF... I'm working 6am-4:30pm Mon-Sat and working my other job a couple nights a week and on weekends while doing an SAS and a ZF swap so I know what you mean. I'm just glad daddy isn't building/buying my truck
Marauder said:
Ooooooo bilstines. I always wanted to get a set of those same type.
Yeah they're pretty cool. I can't wait to have them mounted
Beerman said:
Thats a nice place, and count your lucky stars. Hell if he asked me to pressure wash the oil spots every day I would no questions asked! I never had that growing up, and I will probably never have that kind of space. My kids will though LOL.
I already have been told i need to reseal the driveway and repair the "divots" cause by droping heavy "stuff" on the hot asphalt.
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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