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One reason my dad doesnt like me

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Here's a picture of my dad's nice lawn and house

His nice driveway

My work area... ZF/SAS in progress

But at least his garage is still clean
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I know what you mean. When I lived with my dad I caught hell for junkin up the yard all the time.

And BTW, that lawn looks like way too much work. Hope you have a landscaper
Want to really piss your mom off? Take her turkey baster and use it to suck the oil out of something
Keeping my garage clean and organized is one thing I am very bad at. I never put things away, just throw them on the top of that one bench, and if its something I use a lot I leave it out where its always in the way. I was hopeing with the new shop I would keep things more cleaner and orgainzed, but I find its worse because its a lot longer walk to get stuff out or put it away.
One thing I try to do every once in a while (maybe every 2 months) is clean up stuff and organize everything. I'll also sweep the floor and finally roll up all the air hoses and cords laying everywhere.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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