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Oops I did it again.....

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My name is Tom and I'm a Broncoholic. Bought another 66 to bring into the fold. Pick it up on Sunday-------photos to follow

actually I'm quite happy with the purchase thus far. Should be a cheaper vehicle around town than the diesel. It sports a 170 6Cly. and a 3 on the tree. uncut and ready for some love.
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love it!
may i ask why yall keep joking around with him about flat tires? i know there is some sort of story behind this
Look under his user name. He's MR Flat Tire.

If somebody is gonna get a flat tire, it's gonna be poor ol Tom. :toothless
yeah, i saw that. i just figured there has to be some sort of story behind it
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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