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Overhead Console Wiring Tip

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I installed a Bronco overhead console in Bronco today. My 96 was prewired for the console up to connector C206, which is behind the drivers side kick panel. I discovered a tip that will help some of you in hooking up to this connector if your truck is prewired for it and you come across a complete wiring harness like I did. If you disconnect the emergency brake assembly from the truck (it's only 3 nuts) and move it out of the way the connector will be right there behind it. I was able to slide the end of the factory wiring harness in through the gap created by the base of the A pillar, windshield and dashboard which allowed it to drop right through to the connector already in my truck. Click them together and that's it for the wiring, total time for console wiring, 10 minutes.

The reason I mention this is because in the year that it took me to locate a Bronco console I read every console thread on this board and have never seen this mentioned. Every thread that I read said it was near impossible to get to this connecter. I could also see at the junyard that everyone that had taken out a console wiring harness had yanked it out b/n the kick panel bracket and the side of the truck.

On a side note.... I may have a complete Bronco console setup for sale. Like I said it took me a year to gather everything for the install in my truck. I found a mounting bracket 6 months ago at the JY. Bought a console and almsot complete wiring harness from someone on this board last week. Went to the JY yesterday to find a temp sensor and lucked into the jackpot. :chili: They had just gotten in a loaded 96 EB and I was the first person to have access to it. :chili: I took the console, mounting bracket, complete wiring harness, temp sensor and auto dimming mirror. The lighted visors were trashed from water damage and the worst part that almost made my cry.... both turn signal mirrors were completly smashed to pieces. :cry Right now I have a spare console, mounting bracket, almost complete wiring harness, temp sensor w/ connector and the dimming mirror. Trying to decide whether to keep everything for spare parts or sell it.
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LEt me know about the overhead console, I want one for my 1984.
Thanks for the info. I want to put a overhead consul and dimming rearview mirror on my 1990. But I probably won't have the connector like you did.
which JY did you have luck with ?? oceana?
It's funny reading the first post...,
...when I got my overhead console, I too traced the wiring down through the A-pillar and lost it behind the e-brake assembly.
Regretfully instead of removing the e-brake bits, I just snipped the wires and in turn had to splice the whole thing in.
Wish I'd realized that there was a chance that my Bronc. was pre-wired for an easy plug-n-play install.
Oh well.... yah live/ yah learn.
Yes sir i have a 96 bronco xlt it is per-wired too and i got a over head console but they cut off the plug. Will the wires from the truck harnss be color to color on the console harnss thanks steve. [email protected]
Yes colors should be the same. If not, look through Steve83's supermotors for the schematics on it.

You can also use the harness for an explorer overhead console on the Bronco console. I posted up a diagram on what wires to connect in another thread.
just did this myself...good info to know !
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