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Hey guys, since I have reached that magic number of posts, figured I would share my 1992 Eddie Bauer w/302 and E4OD.

You may want to skip this next long part...

First, the back story. Back on June 26, 2014, minding my own business, I was driving to town to do my usual weekly shopping, something I have done time and time before, even before I had this Bronco's 1990 302 XLT predecessor, going the same route I have done at least 400 times since I started driving. Pretty much I am doing my usual 55 mph (T18 in it, trying to get as good of fuel mileage as it would allow) approaching a green light with plenty of visibility, and as I get close enough, a VW from the other side decides to turn in front of me, so my feet go into brake lockup mode, tires squeeling, and BAM! Next thing I know I am 180 degrees around looking at my hood crumpled up in front of me. You can all imagine how the rest of it goes, and can safely assume that piece of German engineering will never go anywhere again. But hey, everything goes like it's supposed to, 911 called, cops show up, wreckers, and all that fun stuff. But after that...pretty much hell, between a crappy cop, a pessimistic insurance investigator (who was having a bad year according to his gofundme he had setup for funds to help pay for him to move somewhere else), and the other insurance company just ignoring the fact that I told them about a witness I got in contact with who was actually looking at the lights (contractor putting up new lights at the intersection), and a lying witness, I was pretty much on the hook for it. But through my persistent bickering, learning that the insurance commissioner's office is a joke, and getting my former company to finally talk to my witness, I am currently at the wrong end of a lawsuit that is still working on getting the pretrial stuff out of the way.

And possibly this as well....

Okay...that was a little much, but always feels better to share, so let us rewind to the weekend of July 4th. Me and my dad head up to South Carolina to look at an 89, which had some issues that weren't clear in the pictures (rear body panel broken loose from spare tire rack), and it just wasn't for us, so back home we go, or eat least to find some lunch. Then my dad has the idea of calling a guy we had gotten some parts from before (front clip that was going to be put on the 90), and he has this 1992 Bronco, which he was a little hesitant about selling whole as he was going to part it out. We talk him into it for $900 plus a small trade of something else we had on hand, and go over to McDonough, GA to pick it up. We load it up, with the help of a small tow truck on the trailer, but do to the steering wheel being locked in place, since the PO sold it to them because he lost the keys (more wrong with it to be mentioned later), we carefully work our way down the road to a store to get some concrete to level the load back to the front and head home. Following weekend, my dad throws a battery in it, and it just fired right up! Was a little loud since you can imagine the first thing taken from any vehicle when it is junked is the catalytic converter.

And now for what you wanted! No wait...the pictures are still further...

So for those of you who either read of skipped down to here, let me fill you in on what all was wrong with this $900 deal in addition to no keys...

1) Passenger wheel bearings were non-existent!
-Replaced both sides and due to auto hubs not wanting to come out peacefully, they got knocked to bits with a hammer and chisel, with an old 86 kindly donating both front spindles to it
2) Somebody didn't know how to replace lug studs on the right rear
-Discovered while I was taking the wheels off of the 90 and getting them on here after having been driving it for a week, pulled the studs all the way through and replaced the broken one they couldn't get out
3) RUST!!! On the passenger side on the back wall, and driver side where they put that channel body reinforcement in the rear (only that part was a hole)
-Before I drove it, all the carpet was pulled (4 bolts broke off for the rear seat), so I put roll on truck bed liner in it, plus filled the hole to the channel with expanding foam
4) Keys!
-Had a 1996 F150 that was kind enough to donate its ignition switch, which also was a replacement, still working on something for the door locks and the tailgate
5) Front body damage, like somebody ran the passenger side of the bumper just inside the headlight into a pole
-Replaced the bumper with one we had gotten with the previously mentioned front clip, and the trim was donated from the 96, along with the replacement turn signal lens, plus the grill that was busted as well
6) Cracked windshield
-A lesson learned that it is better to let the professionals do it, since it is that much of a pain to cut the old sealant!
7) Both mirror brackets were broken
-Something only recently fixed with another 96 donating them after painting, a year of floppy mirrors was too long
8) MORE RUST!!! Both fender wheel lips were caked with dirt, and by default rusted through. It only got worse when you started chiseling away at the metal after taking the stainless trim off
-Recent fix, cleaned both sides off decent enough to patch with fiberglass, then put on the fender flares I bought almost a year ago
9) Tailgate window not working!
-Turned out to be the plug inside the tailgate was corroded...after trying everything else imaginable! Even for my brother's 89 was same problem...with me going though the full list of testing everything beforehand >_<
10) Tailgate falling apart. On the right side, the skin has split on the edge
-Still to do, but did get an excellent tail gate recently to replace with, just need some paint, and reattach the motor to check that it works
11) MUD!!! Though not a major problem, but it had been in some deep mud, with it still caked on my firewall and on top of the trans, will probably find myself having more rust maintenance on the frame
12) Headliner, as you would expect in any 23 year old vehicle
-Recently replaced the rear with a good one from a 96 Eddie Bauer, had some fun with cutting some door weatherstripping to hold the back edge so it wouldn't continue to separate, still have to make a small metal filler piece to make it look better, may tear apart another weatherstrip since one side is rusted inside with bubbles showing in the rubber
13) A kickass stereo system! If you consider no speakers (nor rear mounts) with a factory AM/FM to be kickass
-Lucked up on some off brand on sale 5 1/2s for the front, and had leftover 6x9s from my cd player when I put it in the 90. Not much into doing anything over that, just as long as I can enjoy my music
14) No tailgate panel
-Solved with the 90, since the 86 panel was rusty and I didn't feel like cleaning it off
15) Other body damage on driver side
-Haven't fixed yet, have full front clip, and a 96 door to go on after I get paint
16) Other other body damage
-Above driver brake light, popped out some, passenger side behind wheel for some, and other small dents and dings. Adds character :p
17) Door panels
-Not best of shape, but not worst. Waiting to find some at a decent price in good shape, will paint black, do tan carpet on bottom and hopefully cloth for that bit that runs by the PW/PL switches like the 92-93s have (not sure if later years did cloth)
18) Exhaust
-As the missing section was there from the converter, we went ahead and just ran dual exhaust with Thrush Glass Packs. It was going cheaply (welding piece by piece with parts from the local parts house), until the removal of the old exhaust almost tried to take a finger or two with it. Always remember, wear gloves! And don't get into uncomfortable positions with a grinder...But it does at least sound nice
19) NO PARK! Or rather you couldn't put it into it.
-Replaced the shift cable with a brand new one. The PITA part was finding it, since you pretty much have to know the part number, and why should any Ford parts dealer list what a part actually fits? Or is? Not like eBay cared.
20) Power steering leaks
-Replaced the pressure line, and will be snatching the gear box from the first 96
21) Loose steering
-I personally had no problem with having enough play in my steering wheel to win a football game on (not a sports fan, but figured I would try the joke), of course that was without hauling a trailer, replaced the tie rods and such, and used the old ones to make sure the adjustment dimensions were right, though stupid ends don't have grease fittings, grrr....
22) Antifreeze leaks
-Started with the water pump, then the heater core (foggy windshield yay), followed by the heater hoses (saved $12 for the molded hose off the pump by doing it in one piece and using hose clamps to make sure it didn't pinch itself closed, it works and that is what's important), and finished off with the radiator...though I still have a slight leak somewhere else, might be off the water pump since the studs weren't too kind, but not enough to worry much or bother me.
23) THE HOOD!!
-Yes...I am aware of how crappy it looks, and how much the cap on a can of hunter green makes you think it is darker, but I still feel it looks better than just seeing a primed messed up hood

And now that pretty much sums up anything related to the original issues I had with it, and the few I still have.


First, a moment of silence to what was loss to achieve this...

And onto the Bronco porn! Oh wait, just the Bronco...And excuse the size of some, I have had 2 dead phones and a dead micro SD since then, and Facebook was my only option for some, or I was just feeling lazy.

Early pic when the interior was coming out, excuse my older brother's Cherokee (and him), he is now one of us in an 89 Eddie Bauer.

Since there were no rear speaker mounts for me to take advantage of, I had to improvise with threaded inserts and threaded rod that we had lying around to mount my 6x9s

And just so you can know of my blood pact with my Eddie Bauer, a picture of my fingers freshly wrapped. 13 stitches total, 8 on my pointer, 2 inside my middle, with the other 3 handling the knuckle in between.

And this lovely picture was a few weeks later, with the wheels finally all being swapped over, lugs straightened on the rear too.

Here is one of my earlier attempts to try and make my Bronco feel more cliche and older, as we all know that wood makes everything classier. And I stole that emblem from my dad's F350...IF only I could find a replacement though...Also, I am aware that I should never ever...ever ever ever ever....try to line up a hole to drill by eye, bottom screw of my 4x4 switch for those not keen enough to notice, but from my view the shifter blocks it. And to quote old man Peabody.."MY PINEWOOD!!" Still need to make some for the door panel trim. Also, only 3 out of the 5 screws actually hold the long strip, and I think that should be close enough to sing 3 out of 5 ain't bad :p

And as you can assume, if you read the long bits about crappy cops and insurance investigators, I bought a dash cam. The G1W-C that you can see in the Tech Write Ups about Hardwiring a Dash Cam, though mine is still just power point powered. But I did decide I got tired of the cord running up the dash and reroute it through the trim (they give you lots of cord with the cigarette adapter!), and a grommet just makes it seem more professional, makes anything seem more professional, perhaps we should start putting grommets in all the posts?


Among the other things I have done are surprise, surprise and fear! No wait...that isn't right, SEATS! Yes seats. Bought these when we got the front clip, never actually thought we would use them, but I decided in November or December...can't remember which, that if I was to not be lonely again, that the idea of cuddling while driving would be a lot easier with a jump seat, if I was able to figure out how to unlatch it...Which turned out to be the easier thing of the 2 to do!...Only aggravating bit was getting the center bracket to spread out right so I could bolt it down, no idea why it was aggravating, but it does provide a benefit! Even if you get crappier (but still better than the 87-91) cup holders, and way less center console storage, and that is the passenger seat slides all the way to the dash! Of course full power seat for the driver is a plus too...if ever I replace the seat back since the lumbar support bracket welds broke off. And excuse the cat, she is somewhat obsessed with jumping in when I am home.


Following that...If I remember my order of doing what when right...I insulated the intake. Figured why not make my engine compartment look like either NASA or aliens visited, and swapped over to the I6 intake as well since it was a solid one piece that was easier to work with to tape and cut around, and actually makes it look cleaner for some reason. At least made replacing my power steering hose easier. And if you try this at home, just go ahead and cover the whole thing in tape. That mylar coating does not like too many of our commonly used chemicals under the hood.


SEE! Cleaner, or perhaps I should snap another picture, further out. Should at least take advantage of my height for these kind of things.


Now for the two-tone part of my interior. I'm pretty sure this counts, or at least will until every bit of it gets scratched off >_< Or I break more of it discovering incompetence for installing screws that are properly aligned, really pissed me off...Also, I used the SEM spray paint for it, which showed me I need to prep better for some things since it just had plenty of random spots of bubbling up and not adhering, but wiping those spots off seemed to take most of what was causing the issue.
Doors, and my pass panel also I used some of my fancy aluminum tape to make it more reflective for the light.


Rear panels


OH! Forgot about the headlights...I'm pretty sure they were earlier on >_< This pic also covers my before grill shot. May put up a lighted up pic later on, though not having amber lights on my corners (like factory), doesn't quite look right, but why buy bulbs when I plan on swapping to LEDs?


Now for the obligatory, easiest mod in the Bronco, later model dome light, kindly donated by a 96 XLT Bronco that also supplied its blue tailgate.


I had an extra grill, and a 96 F150 that also had power mirrors that I repainted and replaced my broken stuff. Used Rubbed Bronze from the Rustoleum collection, and clear coated the mirrors, attempted the grill, but it just started screwing it up since I painted the grill over a week earlier, but fortunately it was in spots you can't see behind the emblem and grill inserts, but was at least able to throw another coat of the rubbed bronze on it. Excuse the white spot on the mirror, there are a few birds that don't like me if you know my meaning...
Also had finally gotten some trim back on the windshield which I painted black, which came out soft...and dented from trying to get it all to get on the clips right, and 3 clips not going on because of filling in a leak from replacing the windshield, will redo later...


I only have one shot during the rust hole filling on the rear fenders of the passenger side, the driver side was worse. I did trim both sides down (probably could actually put a little more to fill in gaps and be able to build it back up and paint it with nobody knowing), and just shoot some rusty metal primer over it. And let it be known...I hate fiberglass mat...

Here is the final result of that rust filling, after I got the fiberglass dust hosed off, so the water makes it look a little nicer, but the later pics will clear that up.

My replaced headliner. Only issues is that the back was separating, but I tried to be clever and butchered some door weatherstripping, which seems to be holding fine. Only regret, not having plugged up the rear light before getting it secure, so I have a 4 inch rip in the board that nobody will ever see, or know about, until now.

And I think this will do it for pics for now, with finishing on the current outside shots.

The bad side

The good side

And should somebody be actually bored enough to have looked through all of that, some more boring bits of what has been done, that you just can't see!
-Hosed out the carpet
-Replaced original armrests (one was missing) with ones from a Ford Windstar (had to cut the cable on the Bronco driver seat)
-Replace climate controls with parts from 96 (it has some tabs you have to cut off, but fits, different part numbers of course)
-Replaced insulation on engine bay side of climate control with using 96 to help get everything setup right using 2 layers of insulating wrap and tape
-Flipped spare tire rack striker bushing for more usage, eventually will make/find good replacement, washer for latch spacer, cable stopper for rack as well with carabiner in case I need it out of the way
-Roll on truck bed liner, only 1 coat since there will always be carpet
-96 Bronco that supplied tailgate and dome light also gave good tailgate weatherstrip and mounting strip since mine was rusted, had to drill new holes for both corners
-Stainless screws for everything except that center windshield trim screw that you see with the grommet...
-Green LED strip lighting on side top trim, shines down the bottom and upper sides on the glass side, though not currently working, cheap connectors, and should you decide to work with the stuff, get double sided tape! The stuff already on it is very very crappy.

To Do/Wishlist, some maybe more of what I would like to do, you can guess which

1) Body parts repair/replacement
2) Repaint
3) Fender flare mounted LED running lights, debating on clear lens or Amber on back of front, Amber front side of back, and Red on back of back, also will tie in to turn signals though the lights I will be getting do not have dual function (Setup will flash with signals on lights off, opposite lights on)
4) Rear glass defrost that works more than 3 lines
5) Make rear windshield wiper
6) Grill amber running lights
7) Sound deadening (Done)
9) Side steps/nerf bars
10) 87-91 rear bumper swap
11) 08-10 Super Duty front bumper swap
12) Reupholster seats to match final interior color (still considering swapping/repainting all of it)

13) Rear bucket seats (already figured out, just need to make)
14) Non-hidden compartment off of rear hump for secure storage
15) Matching spare (For current wheels)
16) LED lighting, minus headlights Just sticking with interior lighting as LED
17) New carpet, already planning on going black to match anything else I may do inside Replaced front, still have to do rear
18) New-ish door panels, with cloth/carpet to match non-black interior color
19) Cloth on non-painted rear panels to match door panels
20) Rear tool box mounted inside body with 95% of all tools needed to do anything to the Bronco
21) Custom overhead console, setup with front facing and rear cameras for those angles when you can't see crap when you are pulling in/out of anywhere
22) Dash pad, instrument cluster cover, matching dash mat replacements
23) Manual trans swap (Done)
24) 4 Hole injectors, sixlitre tune up, and other regular maintenance items that need to be done or resealed (done minus engine oil leak)
25) Raptor Grill
26) Cab clearance lights
27) Redo of windshield trim
28) Rear power point adapters

And now allow me to congratulate all who have spent the two hours it probably took to actually read this. Your prize can be found at your local grocery store in the alcohol section, possibly as a 6 pack, 12 pack, or even 24 pack. Plus to probably make this thread take longer and longer and try to provide more quality content that doesn't take 30 minutes to load, there is a chance I will also post up for my dad's 93 as he gets more done to it. Engine/trans out, and about to drop in the good 351w into it, though he still needs an output shaft to swap the M5ODR2 over to the 4wd tail housing, and a few other parts.

THE END!! At least until I get some updates in here...

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It's starting to look like a solid rig. Great pics! - I never get enough of fresh Bronco porn. I always enjoy seeing one of these old trucks being brought back to life.

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So lucked up on another set of 40/20/40 seats for $175. Finally able to have a little bit more matching to my interior (now if I could run across a passenger side rear seat belt to match for whenever I put my rear seats in, I will be set). I will say this, that the jump seat was a pain in the ass, but fortunately my Bronco and the grinder weren't close enough to conspire to try again at taking off a finger, since I had to cut off the rear studs to mount the bracket (somehow everything was in different places), and it is a real pain to get the power track swapped out, especially if you don't raise the track before taking the seat out. Of course I changed both tracks out (passenger was regular sliding track) since they were both horribly rusted and seized up, fortunately the cloth for the whole set was in great shape, even no running for the armrest!

They aren't perfect unfortunately, as neither lumbar support holds air (will have to track that down later), the driver side feels like it was stuffed (will check how later as well), the plastic for the armrest has 3 small holes suggesting something was mounted there, and the seats have no rear pockets :(, at least that makes them perfect candidates for some cheap seat covers like I had on the original factory buckets. And apparently somebody reversed the springs for the back release, so if relaxing is your thing, definitely the seats for you! But key is they look a lot better and my tailbone isn't trying to be smashed to bits because of a worn out cushion.

Strike number 12!

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Wow, I'm envious of that seat! I'm also looking forward to the tailgate wiper mod :)

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So I didn't exactly mention much on the little bits I have done. Figured I would try and not be an update with every little thing.

To catch up, I redid my third brake light, changed 3/4 of my non-signal non-headlight bulbs to LEDs (last one is kinda stuck in the socket, so will need to remove the whole thing instead of taking advantage of my one nut screwed on holding each signal), and added "Raptor" style grill lighting. Pics below, with links, tech write ups for 2 and LED list for conversions (only what I have so far, feel free to contribute your experiences, good and bad)

Brake Light

LED Lighting
, "Raptor" Style Grill Lighting

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And I'm not dead! Just in case anybody was wondering...doubt it though :histerica Just kinda took a hiatus from the site for a while, other than having to look up the odd random thing or two, or three since we all know things do not come in just singles or pairs.

So to catch up some, not much of anything actually progressive done, to the dismay of anybody who has seen my post, but have fixed some issues that have arisen, first of all...added some sound deadener to the back, still need to pull the front seats and do that section, plus finally reunited my 5 1/4" Pioneer speakers for the front door with the stereo. Oh, and swapped tailgate panels to confuse people that know the difference in year models, would have liked to swapped bumpers too...but that will involve a lot more cutting as later on I discovered one of my lag bolts for my current one decided to mess up the bumper meaning cutting, which would mean grinder, and we know how I am about that :doh0715: That covers the January action.

Mid progress pic, as the entire side also has a layer of foam on top of the butyl stuff...

Much better than running 4 1/2"s

Pretty red (side note, I have moved my cable to an eye bolt on the bumper, had to drill the hole for it as the previously mentioned lag bolt issue)

Fast forwarding a little the tail end of April, I cleaned out some from my local parts house (they flooded in the back, and I was hired to rearrange) for a few sets of spark plug wires...yup, only a few. Definitely was a rather quiet ride to the "trash dump" with them :thumbup Also snagged a new door weatherstrip that forced my door out a little where I just finally trimmed my fender to stop it catching whenever I opened it. Plus from that work I did, gave me a little extra cash for some quality Motorcraft Cap, Rotor, and plug wires (had to order online since for some reason I let my brother talk me into racing wires that never made it to the store, first time sent back between warehouses, and second time got lost before it made it on the delivery truck).

Gratuitous shot with my older brother's Bronco (and you wonder why somebody might get us confused?)

See? Just a few...

And a few more...

Um...yeh, that view...

Not sure if I should file warranty of just send in core...

Jump a couple of days later, I grew tired of my lack of code storage for my ECM, so Rusty McRusterson down there got a replacement, starting me out with EGR vacuum issues, somehow my canister got clogged, but swapping the lines around sucked it out of the way, and the wonderful MLPS code to explain why my transmission liked to be a little rough with shifting on occasion, which was addressed much more recent...and will be covered in more detail to my dismay further down :banghead Also at some point during all this, I changed my bumper lights to LEDs, not worth anything on the road, but do sit nicely to help spot shadows from cats in the yard :rofl:

And now for the beginning of my tale of much woe, for our Juliet and wait that isn't right, just my woe :histerica First, we got a visit from the local phone cable fairy that decided my windshield that was replaced when I first got this beauty needed to be replaced again, was a nice settlement of about $750 with the trim and corner paint being a little messed up too, that of course only had $200 go towards getting a new one installed...not at the overpriced body shop that did the estimate, along with paying for some other goodies such as a new coil (only put it on about a month ago), 2 dash cams for my folks, 3 new MicroSD cards for my camera and theirs, headliner to redo mine at some point, vinyl for another Bronco I picked up (pair for $1400) to fix and sell so that I can keep the plastic panels in the rear as my old 90 may get the frame from the other one, remaining sound deadener to finish up what I still haven't finished, and some other odds and ends I can't think of and figure I have bored you enough with for now. But I did get a souvenir, a piece of wire wrapped around my antenna

The bundle of joy...

The damage...

Inside view, cause b****** love inside views...

Me hanging on to the wire to prevent some other unfortunate soul from suffering my fate...

Now with our wonderful windshield installed (which wasn't as beefy on the top tinting...) we get to part 2 of our tale. As I was headed to see a friend, with my younger brother in tow, in Zebulon, GA, after the speed limit dropped to the low tune of 35, and the slaying of the mighty hill coming in on Highway 18, I found myself without throttle, nothing, not a bit, and we came to a halt just on the side of the road. Fortunately my friend only lived a couple of miles down the road, but I still had to do what I could to check everything I could. Turned out it was the fuel pump had finally called it quits. Also, it is possible that a member of this forum offered help as I was pulling the kick panel to check if the kill switch had tripped, as my brother told me whoever it was also was driving a Bronco. So after waiting a little while, at my friend's place, got it towed, finally put that $3 I have been paying Verizon for roadside assistance to use, to just behind his apartment. Ended up my dad's F150 had to do the rescue to return us home, even with his bad distributor, which still hasn't been replaced (bad PIP signal, motor doesn't have much power until about 2300 RPM which you notice), but still makes do rather well with its 302.

Not too bad of a truck for $1500, and another $500 for a second to donate the motor from (even the first seemed to be just trash from putting the timing cover back on catching on the screen for the oil pump)

I tried at first, in vain, to just replace the whole tank since I had the one from the wrecked 90 pulled, even cleaned it up and made it look "purty" :toothless, but thanks to the aftermarket hitch, that plan stopped immediately after me dropping the skid plate :doh0715: But luckily for me, my tank was already nice and clean inside with its wonderful lining that made me glad I had to cut a hole on top. Unfortunately for me, though I had a wonderful scrap Bronco (not the wrecked one) to steal some sheet metal from, I didn't feel like trying to figure out why the window wasn't working in the middle of summer, and the 86 was just too rusty for me to want to consider, not rusted through, but not far off thanks to the vinyl flooring that had enough dirt to start growing vegetation, so I just beat a piece of sheet metal and used some foam to seal it up, and it hasn't failed me any more than my lack of a finished exhaust system that clears the bumper.

I may have messed up a little...

Hmm...wonder what these wires do...

So that I think gets us caught up for things I have pictures of, but the list of things not pictured...Swapped the valance (sheet metal below the grill) which I painted my rubbed bronze of the mirrors and third brake light as it has the rubber protective strip, installed 2 3/4" LEDs like are in the grill on the sides which I didn't check twice so they sit further in than I wanted, causing me to wire them with my blinker for added assurance for people to know I am turning. Discovered why my lumbar support doesn't work (pictured below), ground down my fender at the door so no more popping, finally got a set of door locks, replaced the rollers in the driver side door motor, have successfully avoided having 4 wrecks, 1 after replacing 2 tires and having them balanced, second when some idiot tried to pass me after the passing lane merged into my lane (he ran off into a cut off road shortly after and got back in line), third full lock up at 55, threw chinese food all over the floor and gave me the great seat belt oomph I have so much missed since wrecking the 90 (also reminds me something to mention further down)...fourth just the other day with somebody who didn't seem to care about holding to his side of the road (full on my side of the double yellow) at my driveway, and I have videos for those last 3 I may try to put up somewhere for anybody bored enough to watch for the few seconds of entertainment.

Lumbar support, yay,,,err...and ignore my gut :histerica

And now on to my current issue of the almighty E4OD! On Labor Day it decided to act up, a lot worse than its usual once a month, by unlocking the torque converter several times and even dropping to neutral. First I did the usual, think it was something I knew was wrong like the MLPS, so I check the fluid anyways, and yay for the pita bubbles, so I end up letting some fluid out (please know that I haven't added any fluid since I changed the filter early last year) to try and hope that solves the issue...nope...So going to my previously mentioned friend's place, and it gets horrible as we are stopping for food, constant just dropping in neutral as I am coming from a stop, so to the local Walmart and I put some fluid in just in case, seemed to have somehow helped, so off I go cruising the 15-20 miles up the interstate at a lovely cruising speed of 75-80 (the only time I don't poke along at 55-60), approach my exit and I see my temp gauge is a lot higher than normal, usually sitting at the "N" to "O" and now it is past half, so stop on the ramp, pull out the one row of grill inserts I have (to attempt to make my brick more aerodynamic...), and it doesn't drop a bit, no transmission issues other than the TC unlocking in both OD and 3rd. I let fluid back out after getting up there, on the way back, a lot less TC issues. More fluid draining, testing, no problems for driving 20-25 miles whatsoever. I go to my usual Wednesday night fun of D&D (I know, I'm a nerd/geek), and it acts up again after about 30-40 minutes of driving, and a lot less on the way back at night. I get around to replacing my MLPS, seemed fine, shifting smoother, still had the jump in 1st when you put it in gear, then to the next Wednesday, all over again with acting up. Me and my dad decide on a filter change, so I did that along with some additive (can't remember which, just recall it was thin) and the next Wednesday a lot better, only about 3-4 times total just heading down there with the TC unlocking versus 15-20 minimum (I really didn't bother counting) and not a bit on the way back at night. Of course I haven't driven it the past 2 weeks, tried to save a little gas and took my dad's Mazda B2200, but with my knee trying to act up and the comfort difference, this week is back to the big one. But I have had 2 short trips to town (20-25 miles there) with no issues at all.

So needless to say, I am kinda pushed, not as badly with the filter change, to do a transmission swap, so my 5 speed may actually get on a schedule of sooner than whenever I feel like :thumbup

And for that thing that reminds me of something for further down! As some of you may recall, issues over the wreck of my 90 Bronco. The wonderful attorneys for American Family Insurance, decided that on the issue of me being sued (originally my dad because of a stupid lawyer who apparently couldn't decide who to say whether it was me or him at fault, along with claiming there was a citation for it, only the tow truck driver got a DOT one for failure to clean up as most of the debris and fluid was from my Bronco), to settle...Yup, to basically throw away money when our side had a witness, nobody had contact info for the one that caused the trouble to begin with, and my wonderful scene investigation disproving any possibility for somebody to see the shielded traffic light from the bad witness's angle. Of course this wouldn't have been so bad if it was say a small figure...but it was to the tune of $12,000...Which if we had known it was that bad, we would have just held out on the countersuit even though we didn't have the $2000 to pay for an attorney to represent our counterclaim, but oh well...not like I was doing anything with my back that was important anyways since it started acting up, at least it isn't constant on/off anymore :doh0715:

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Also forgot to mention, I did put in new injectors and a fancy K&N drop in. And whoever says about big gains for the Sixlitre tune up and new injectors...I hate you so much...I usually would run about 13.2-13.8mpg (13.8 on a very good day), and now I am 13.7-14.3mpg, with more consistent high side, for what would be safe to call combined mileage, so obviously you guys pulling 15+ that aren't strictly highway, where do I need to go to make that pact with the Devil and will that affect my blood sacrifice with my Bronco? lol

PS Also fixed my power steering leak! Turned out the old return line hose was the culprit. Good thing I was moving the Bronco without it being able to run (fuel pump) and the hose decided to spew all over my brake booster.

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Everybody loves some good here is mine for almost wrecking my Bronco...not once...but 3 times! Will probably also add 2 more videos, one with an idiot that tried to pass me after the passing lane ended, and the other being when I busted my windshield.

Due to the content of the following videos...View discretion is advised, well at least the first one since I may have an issue with overuse of profanities, but the other 2 I silenced.


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After much doing of nothing, apart from replacing the TPS (no transmission troubles since), stuffing my driver seat for a little more cushion, putting an eye bolt on the bumper to attach the spare tire rack cable to, rivetting the passenger side of my tailgate skin (something I did earlier but forgot to mention...), discovered that my power steering is still leaking thanks to old seals in the gearbox which helped on the next bit, and realigned my steering wheel with the driver side being the easy bit of the tie rods since the fluid from the power steering kept it clean which also fixed my slight pull to the right. Which brings us up to my headliner, as I finally redid it. You can see the droopiness it had in the first post with the later model dome lamp, with today's weather being just right for it to pull itself tight.

The before shot after pulling it out

I pulled the fabric off, but left the old foam underneath. Will probably get me later on, but it seemed fine where it was, and I didn't want to risk tearing up the cardboard anymore since the passenger front corner did tear off when I was using the blowgun to take any foam dust off.

The corner close up, held on with new liner and with the ripped edges

Excuse the fact that I moved my working location and caught the shade on most of this...


Next up will probably be some regular front brake work, with actually having some new rotors since the current ones weren't turned when the front pads were replaced when we first got it 35k miles ago, finishing with the sound deadener on the floor of the cab under the seats, or finally redoing my A/C with the parts I bought after the windshield incident.

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Turns out that it may have been idea to start doing anything with my luck...Decided last night, that the 3rd time some deer ran in front of me to have the timing to actually smack this one pretty good. :cry

Good news is that it did coerce me, partially through my dad helping and suggesting going ahead and swapping out the front clip, especially since I couldn't open my driver side door as the deer pushed the fender back just enough...Oh, and for some reason 1/3 of me feels like allegedly killing my x-wife and her boyfriend, and I've never been married :rofl:

Though I have much to do now to get it back to where it was with my lighting and flares...but at least I can drive it :thumbup

Oh...and here is the dash cam footage for what it is worth

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So, been away for a little while from the site. A decently fast update on things, my dad unfortunately had to have his left foot amputated a year ago, things have been well on that, and he does still want to keep with a manual for his 93, though no prosthetic yet, and will be putting in a hand clutch in it at some point.

Now for mine...Haven't had much time to do much, but what has been done isn't too bad for at least me.

Bought new tires, and through Discount Tire employees thinking my wheels weren't as wide as they were (10") after they had pulled my Bronco in and pulling off the wheels to put on the new Cooper Discoverer AT3s, so they offered me 2 options, upgrade to 33s for free to get them that day, or they give me a set of wheels which they would have to order...Obviously I like my 265s too much, so I chose the wheels.

I did finally replace my A/C components, everything short of the evaporator and condenser coils, and discovered why my A/C would whistle after I shut it off...just a little stopped up. Converted over to R134 from R12, so not as nice, but with the variable orifice has made up enough to my satisfaction.

Now for the cosmetic bits that I do kind of like.
2008 Super Duty Bumper

Raptor style grill
Early pic while working on it

The finished product, probably not as nice as others could have done, but I am decently happy with it. Also with clear OEM style turn signals.

Also picked up an 85 with a 351 HO in it. No plans to actually keep it though.

I did also finish up with my sound deadener up front and replaced the front carpet. No pics though. May have 1 after I took out the seats somewhere.

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Been a few months since an update, but at least something is still going on. After 3 grueling days, finally swapped over to an M5R2 from my tired and worn E4OD, which also had issues which seemed to be from loose shifter bushings causing it to slip to neutral sometimes but otherwise run fine.

Learned several things from this..
1: 89 is a different drive dad swapped the ends out for me, discovered the CV end was slightly different length for clearance problems on the U-Joint for just putting the flange end on so had to cut them off and swap them around on the shafts
2: The the rear main seal for the M5R2 apparently is listed wrong...everywhere as the 710415 that I ordered was too small, luckily had another M5R2 to just steal the tail housing off of, just have to hope the seal holds up.
3: Also seems that I should have swapped the flywheel/flex plate cover for the E4OD, ended up grinding it slightly for the starter to fit.
4: Simple lesson of double check what year model of parts you have available as my dad previously purchased a slave...for a 93, and I purchased the master cylinder for a 92...
5: I still have no idea which wires I need to jump with the E4OD harness for it to start, so using a zip tie to hold the MLPS in neutral works well enough as a substitute
6: Really should check clearances for crossmembers before major work is done, since the dual exhaust has one pipe ran inside the frame, I only have 1 of the cross member supports in place, not a big deal since I don't do anything heavy duty with it
7: Not all transmission mounts are made equal. Ordered for a 94 since the original M5R2 I was going to use came from a 94, but my cross member is out of a 92 and the stud spacing is different
8: Cruise control, horns, and reverse lights are overrated. Have a 94 column I put in that seems to have a bad clock spring making the horn buttons unusable and still have to wire the reverse lights up

But the important part is that it runs! Definitely fun to get back use to, already made 2 mistakes, 1 being trying to put it in park (NO SHIFTER YOU IDIOT!) and the other forgetting that I was starting a manual...But a complete cluster that fortunately hasn't left me stranded.

Such a purty shifter (minus a knob for now) :toothless

May not be as nice looking as the 92 steering wheel, but no complaints


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After nearly a year, finally sat down and bypassed the MLPS for ignition purposes, yes it was in fact dangling from a ziptie on the frame in the neutral position this whole time...except when it wiggle a miniscule amount and wouldn't let me leave where I was lol. Also finally got the back up lights hooked up on the transmission as well. Not really much else has been going on other than not having the entire instrument dash cover completely fall apart on me.
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