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Part #/name?

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I need help IDing a part on my Bronco. I'm in the middle of restoring my Bronco replacing the rust with clean metal. The floor towards the rear near the tailgate is rusted threw so I'm replacing it with a new patch panel but whats the long square piece bellow it where it bolts to called?
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sill panel?
Sill panel like the trim piece in the rear? I don't think it's that piece but the actual piece under the floor. I can see threw the floor panel in the rear and that piece looks like a square tube with one side cut off or like a 1.5x1.5x1.5 piece of channel
got a pic? is is welded in? No a sill panel in not a trim piece, its part of the floor/rr body.
I think it's that "hat channel" in your thread you posted. I would get a pic but it's night time right now so can't take a pic w/ my iphone and I can't find the usb cable to my camera right now because i already have a pic of it on the camera but can't load it at the moment :doh0715: i'll look for the cable tomorrow or here's an example of where it's located under the floor
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The piece right at the tailgate is the rear sill (#3) and the piece behind the body mounts at the mid point of the floor pan is the crossmember (#5).

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thank you sir! looks to be the rear sill:rockon
time to order some parts:toothless
hey Chato were you able to order a rear sill ? i am in need of one also .
Those are long gone, at least NOS.
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