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I have removed my front suspension to my 92 Bronco many years ago. I have these axles sitting in a box since then. These are for the front axle and could probably work in all years of 80-96 Broncos and F150 and even the light duty F250 since they also had a TTB D44.
I have a single stub shaft that will work on either side. There are 2 slip shafts with u-joints and inner diff axle shafts. There are 2 long inner shaft possibly from the driver's side into the diff. Lastly there is a long single shaft that would slip into the slip shaft on the passenger side. These are used but in good condition. Same for the ujoints. Estimated mileage is very low as it was in the front axle and only used when wheeling.

Asking $50 for all. Shipping not included. Located in Lenexa, KS (SW 'burb of KC).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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