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Sell whole or part out 78 project truck. Tub is rusted out, but front clip and drivetrain are salvageable.
If your looking to do an SAS, we can do a pkg. deal on all front end parts needed. Axle, radius arms, coils, buckets, shock mounts, driveshaft, steering linkage, everything!

Here it was, back in its day

Dana 44, stock, broken pinion $75

9" rear, stock, broken pinion $75

NP435 $75

NP205 $100

351M, stock, no intake, rod knock, but still ran $75

C6, disassembled, cleaned, and stored in plastic tote, with rebuild kit $300

302 short block out of 87bronco. Took it apart, only had a stretched timing chain. $50

Long tube headers for 87, sand blasted and primered $60

4" front coils for 78/9, unknown vintage or mfg. $40

351M, Edelbrock intake, bored .030 over, Summit RV cam, motorsport valve covers and wingnuts, DUI coil, sitting for 2 years $600

Set of 38.5 x 18.5 x 15 boggers on steel wheels, 5on 5.5 pattern. Over half worn, good trail tires. $600

1 pair stock rockwells with factory wheels and driveshafts. $1500

Obviously, no shipping on big stuff. Located in Cleveland/Conroe TX.

post, pm, or email is best for me
[email protected]

Thanks, Bryan

Thanks 351w500
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Are they out of the bronco?And if possible can you get a measurement and what color are they. Thanks appy
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