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These are parts I am not planning to reuse so I have decided to sell them.
Interior parts: Parts are removed from a 95 bronco
Grey bed side panels both side condition is good speaker covers have light rust and a couple of cracks where the upper mounting screws mount to the bed side has ashtray and cup holders still in place. $150obo
Bedrail caps I have some of the push pins as well some scuffs naven't noticed any cracks includes the roof trim piece as well. $100obo
aluminum door trim pieces and dash pieces complete no broken tabs $50obo
6 pin plug in trailor connector works needs new mount $10obo
Coolant over flow and washer tanks doesnt leak has a bent mounting tab $10obo
1992-1997 PSOM speedo I forget the milage but it works great and is for a tach setup $50obo
Locker detroit I posted it once before it is for an 8.8 $350
I will ship any of these PM me and I will get back to you ASAP, I get you picks as well.
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