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I've decided to line my interior with Monstaliner and wanted to poll the forum on what color I should choose. My original thought was to just redo the red but the wife suggested I mix it up a bit instead.

I currently have a black Highliner headliner (bigger than stock headliner so it covers the entire cab roof area.
I plan to mount two black VSB Storage boxes in the rear, (behind wheel well).
The exterior will be staying red/white two-tone.

What color would you choose?

  • I've been told to go with light gray.
  • I've been told to go with white.
  • I've been told to go with black.
  • I've been told to go black on the bottom and white on the sides.
  • I've been told to go black on the bottom and red on the sides.
No two people have given me the same answer yet...

I'm leaning towards all black but I'm not sure how long I would survive in the Texas heat and fear that much black would be overkill. I think white would give it a classy look and match the exterior but fear it would be impossible to keep clean looking. Plans are to keep the dash and doors red, (cause I'm not that zealous, yet).

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.



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Depends on how much you're looking at doing. Are we talking the entire interior or just the floor area with a little up the sides?

I'm with magnetman, at least go black on the floor, maybe 6-8" up the sides and then... white for the rest. Would give you the stark contrast, most of the real dirty concern will be over the black and easier to deal with and the white would keep the rest of the interior "poppin". I think red's a bit over-done, imho. :shrug

If not going after the whole interior... then black for reasons stated earlier.

I Monstalined the interior floors of my '73 F250 and love the stuff. It's my plow/firewood/work rig... so it's was a great choice for me. :thumbup

I should have done a little higher up myself...
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