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Planned Moab, UT trip June 16,17, and 18th Invite

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Alright, a friend and I have a trip planned in June 16th-18th. We plan to start hitting the trails around 1:00pm on 16th (fins-n-things -- this will be for the stock rigs that will be going), 17th also taken a stock nissan on (Steal Binder and Hell Revange), the 18th (Golden spike). Start times for Sat and Sunday will be around 8am at trailheads. There will be about 3 rigs already going looking for more..

This is my rig,
Is a 85 bronco with 33" tires, spooled front and rear, cut out the fenders, 2in lift, added front bench seat so that the babies car seat will have a belt. Also there are so pictures of what I and others did earlier this year.

This is my friends Rig,
Is a Sammy with 33" tires and other stuff.. to much for me to keep track. He has other pics under trucks are a cool to look at. His lives in OR.

So if you would like to go post up and let us know. So this is a invite to all not just broncos. This is also Fathers day weekend, so you can use this as excuse to go: when there are more people we plan to exchange phone numbers and nail down meeting places and time..
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Bump it... Time is getting close.. any takers.. so far its me and my buddy..
I would but mid June! Your crazy. It will be over 100 degrees there.
He's trailering that from here (oregon)? That would suck donkey to drive to Moab....boggers included. I couldn't wheel after driving that thing 1100 miles.

Not to mention the heat when you get there.
He is trailing it to here.. This will be his first time to moab and rock crawling, he is typically a sand duner of mudder.. Plus with it over 100 degs my tires will stick I hope.
Went and had a good time.. Sammy did not do so good, broke an driveline do to axle wrap. People at Moab 4x4 hooked us up 800 dallors later.. with a control arm..
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