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So the 91 SA Bronco is my DD and my occasional traig rig. 302 e4od

I recently purchased an 88 FSB with a 351/e4od. Bought the truck for under 300 bux. 150k on the odo. The p/o's mechanic told him he had two blown valves after he performed a plugs and wires tune up. The p/o put the wires on wrong(basically he ripped off all the old ones and just slaped the new ones on in no specific order:duh ). So he took it to his mechanic because obviously it was not running correctly and his mechanic told him he fixed the plug wires, regapped the plugs and that the motor had two blown valves. He charged him 80 bux to move wires and the p/o left after being quoted for a full motor rebuild. Put the truck up for sale on here and i bought it.

So i brought the truck home and found that the plug wires were still no where near in the correct order(BTW the truck was running so horrible it couldnt even drive itself onto the car trailer). I pulled the plugs..yea two of them were crushed shut...hmmm nice mechanic, so far none of his work that he charged the p/o for was actually done. I regapped the plugs, fixed the wires and adjusted the timing to its factory 10* position. AND WOW the beast lives again. Runs great, its got power(did a big burnout) and i see no evidence of bad valves.
So for absolutly no money i had this truck back on the road. Well sorta, it needs the brakes bled and the cats are clogging up. Now my origional plans were to make a trail beater out of it. But now that im in school and i already have a 70 mustang in the restoration process, i really dont have the $$$ or time to be building a trail rig. The truck is going up for sale and i figure i can make about 700 bux or so on it for spending no money out of my pocket:rofl:

Bt wait... i got to thinking. :popc1: I have an 88 FSB w/ a 351/e4od that runs good. And a 91 DD FSB with a 302/e4od that runs good... Hmm why sell off the 351???

So this weekend or next the 88 is going to a buddy of mines house(location of cherry picker)to have the 351 pulled. We are going to rebuild it through this week. And this weekend we will pull the 302 outta the 91 and drop it into the blue truck. And slap the 351 into the 91!!!!

So far plans are for the 351:
All new gaskets top to bottom
New oil pump and pickup
Water pump
Plug wires and dizzy cap and rotor coming off the 302.
The headers from my 302 will be going on there.. I will ahve to figure out how i will do the egr since it comes off the manifold on the 351. Any ideas?
New motor mounts to replace the worn out rubber on the current ones
Im also looking into getting an eldelbrock 351 truck EFI cam(as long as i get my discount on it from a buddy. Hopefully it can be had for under 120)I NEED A PART # FOR THIS I CANT FIND IT...88 351 is roller lifter or flat tappet???

Anything else i should egt for this motor before it goes in...I would love to clean it and paint it but it doesnt fit the budget. Im setting a $500 budget for this SWAP(its an old Cash Deposit present from graduation)..So thinking about the budget. What else should i pick up for this motor.
Im buying everything i can from NAPA. I get 50% off;) :beer

Also i guess i will ahve a custom ypipe made at the local muffler shop. Not sure yet..Thats really gonna crimp the budget..This kinda sux since i just did the 302 exhaust header back in june but oh well.. The power in the 351 is amzing over my shi$$y 302

ill keep you all updated. Thanx for any advise.


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