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My father-in-law has what he thinks is an OEM pulldown divider shade from a 1970's or 1980's Ford Bronco. Attached are a few photos - it's about 4' long, he said it was used as some sort of a separator inside.

It looks like it was made by Irvin, with part #273847. I did an internet search, and couldn't find any info about it.

So I'm turning to the real experts....anyone out there have any ideas?

Thanks much - Wade
Wade, it’s the retractable cover for the rear cargo area. One end is spring loaded to allow installation and removal. It mounts horizontally just behind the top of the back seat. When you want to cover the cargo area pull out on the handle to the rear tailgate door and hook the ends into the molded retainers in the plastic trim. I have a ‘96 Eddie Bauer that came fully loaded and that cover was installed. I had an ‘81 Cartier Bronco that was loaded, very loaded for 1981, and there was no cover for the cargo area at that time.
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