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81 custom 351W Manual 4spd 83 XLT 302 manual 3spd OD
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Working on 2 to make 1.
1981 custom with a 351w/4speed manual. Original owner lost interest after spending some coin on the motor, but had the coil all jacked up and was eating distributer gears.
Other is
1983 XLT with a 302 w 3 speed OD manual. Bought for parts for the first one, but may actually be the better truck. Idiots rattle can the whole truck covering up all the chrome. Has good tailgate, high back seats, new gas tank, XLT interior plastic, chrome bumpers if i ever get through the paint.

Just baby stepping the process now. Engine on the 81 and then will determine which bronc to go with.


1861 - 1867 of 1867 Posts