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Hello fellow Bronco enthusiasts....
I have a small favor to ask you to do if you feel led to do so. Its for a young elementary school student trying to get postcards from as many countries from around the world and the US. ( I helped out getting the last needed state of North Dakota)...

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MoBill said:
Greetings fellow ADVRiders,

A project we did a few years ago and had a blast with has come around again---I'm looking for your help in getting a postcard from every state and as many countries as possible to a elementary school student here in NJ.

My personal goal is to show a little girl just how small the world is, and to show how amazing people are everywhere. My experience in this place is that people are awesome wherever you go. We open our homes, we send gear and pets to each other, host events, it's nuts.

The inception of the idea was to show my organization's most tireless volunteer appreciation and take a rare opportunity to perform an act of kindness on her behalf--she's always doing something for someone else. And I mean always---she volunteers at one of our armories doing family support but also runs a 501c3 doing veteran and service member advocacy without drawing a salary.


Her son still talks about the project, it got mom a ton of points at home--and I think she needs them sometimes, as much time as she spends on us.
Here is the address to send a simple postcard to....
Emily B.
c/o Miss Tsai
Tamaques Elementary School
641 Willow Grove Road
Westfield, NJ 07090

Please include on your postcard: Your country's capital; An interesting fact about your country; And what area of your country you live in.

I think its really cool to be able to help kids on projects like this. Thank you from both myself and MoBill (reposted with his permission).
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