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power inverters

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ive always wanted a power inverter in my truck to run various things. i want one so i can charge my camera batteries on trips, and other things you cant run from a ciggarete lighter. im thinking of getting one this weekend, because the new girlfriend, shes high maintinence, and i want to take her camping and to the beach and stuff, but she wants to use her blowdryer and hairstraightner :wacko

im looking for a cheap one, how does this one look
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I run them all of the time. I have a 1200 watt one in the back of the truck which runs a tv and a playstation. I keep an 800 watt one in the front of the truck which runs a computer and charges cell phones and the camera battery. I haven't just tried it a few times, I use them so often that one I bought in 2001 finally died on me. Never had any dash fires/wire problems either. Both invertors typically run at the same time from different cigarette lighters in the truck; I've never had a bit of trouble. Now I will say make sure to get one with two plugs. I made the mistake once of buying a few inverters I never use that have only one plug.
ah he can be my brother ;)

1200's regularly come with just cig plugs. One step up and they come with some dangling wires. Just gotta be careful the kids don't leave them plugged in after you turn the truck off.
In his original post he linked to something in the 30 buck range... I don't know but from there to 400 like I've seen a few links is probably outside of what he is looking to spend. Are there any generators in the under 120 range? Might make it a more viable option. :shrug:
Dump the girl and go camping with your buddies...much less hassle.
Look at the dates, that relationship was over like a year ago, right after I sent the invertor :duh :histerica
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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