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Well, here's where my electrical ignorance gets displayed. Here's what I do know. It is a 750 watt inverter from vector. It has 2 or 3 fuses on the side. However, I still need to fuse it near the battery because I'm not going to have a hot wire running all the way through the engine compartment, through the firewall and under the carpet without some fusing.
From what i know, and i could be wrong:

750 watts means you have two outlets.

You probably have three thirty amp fuses. A thirty amp for each outlet and a thirty amp main.

Whatever the main fuse is, you're going to want to use a main fusible link that is no greater than the main fuse (30 amp). At that point you have two fusible links on the main DC inlet.

I don't know much about them, but that would be my educated guess.

I would switch my inverter, using a 30 amp Bosch Relay. I would run 6 gauge (or possibly 8 gauge 6 might be overkill) wire to the relay and through to the inverter. I wouldn't want the inverter on constantly. Therefore using the relay and the switch (toggle, whatever switch) to turn it on and off as i needed it.

You can use Ian's (stangmata) write up on how to use relays in the Tech write up section to wire it to a switch on your dashboard.

I have been using lamp cord up to this point, so I guess that's 12 gauge. Never had any trouble, but I've never put too big of a load on it either.
Please don't tell me things like this.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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