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Ok, I did a search and found a little info, but not what I was looking for. Here's the deal, since Monday of this week, my steering has been acting a little funnier than usual. It almost feels like something is dragging in the front when I turn the steering wheel and I hear a low groaning/whining sound. How do you know when a power steering pump is about do die? My bronco feels stiff when I make left turns and it's all over the road (yes I know ttb's are funky bastards), but it's doing it more than usual. Thanks for any and all help.


Could be lots of things, pump could be going bad, could be a ball joint dragging or hanging up.

how does it drive otherwise? does it goe down the road straight?

I wouldn't worry about it, if it really is the pump, which I doubt, you will always have manual steering, and that will get you home.
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