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Tools needed:

Power drill
Drill bit (the bigger the better) that is carbide tipped (for ease)
#2 phillips head screwdriver
Small flathead screwdriver.
5/8 deep socket and 5/8 wrench
8mm socket
wire cutters
soldering iron and solder
electrical tape
duct tape

Step 1:

Remove all the screws in the door panel

There is also one underneath this tray

Step 2:

Pull on the door panel until all plastic snaps come out of the door. If the door panel is too hard to pull off, double check that you took all the screws out.

Once you have popped the door panel loose, take your power door lock and power window switch and pull it loose from the door panel. Now, turn it sideways and slide it through the panel so that it is no longer in the way. Clear the door panel from the inner door handle and you are almost done.

The last step is to remove the courtesy bulb. It will twist and pull out.

Once that is all completed, set the door panel aside. you will now be looking at this:

Step 3:

Remove door speaker by removing all bolts and disconnecting the plug on teh back

Step 4:

Unplug all connectors and TAPE THE WINDOW SO IT DOESN'T FALL.

Step 5:

Get your drill out and prepare to make some holes.

There are two dimples in the door that just so happen to line up with the window motor bolts. Drill your holes centered RIGHT ON THOSE DIMPLES and make the holes big enough to fit your 5/8 socket.

Step 6:

Remove the window motor bolts. The one closest to the front of the truck didn't have a dimple. i took the drill and rounded out the metal a bit so that i could easily get a socket in there.

Once all three bolts have been removed. Use a small screwdriver to pry the motor away from the support plate.

Step 7:

Not all motors come with the same ford connector. i got my motor from Autozone for $63. Ford wants almost $130.

If your motor doesn't come with the same connecter, you will either need to use butt connectors to make it work, or do what I did and cut, strip, solder the wires together. i.e, put the old clip on the new motor.

Step 8:


What I did was plugged it in and hit the power window switch to see if it spun.

Install the new motor to the motor plate. Once lined up, tap the power window switch to align the gears. Bolt together.

Step 9:

Plug all connectors back in

Step 10:

CONNECT the door speaker and then bolt back in.

Step 11:

Ensure that all door plugs are on the door panel, ensure trim is in place, and put the power window/lock switch back through the door panel. Maneuver door panel over inside door handle, and push into place.

Once you have pushed the panel back onto the door, re-install screws. Untape window and you are good to go!

Good luck
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