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Power Window Problems

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I did a search and I just want to confirm. I ordered a Torque Pin replacement kit with the gear for about $20. The problem I have is the Passenger Window is slipping and sometimes needs help manually to get it up. The rear window is not moving now at all but the motor is turning. From what I have read this is a common problem and the torque pins need to be replaced.

Did I order the right thing? Are there any things I need to know before hand that will save me some hassle once I attack the problem? The reat window is stuck and will not close all the way, so I need to get that one done soon.

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bringing this back from the dead to verify that if the window motor takes the window down, but not up, it could still be the bushings??
Yeah, it can be. 2 of my windows were like that before replacing the pins, & now the 3rd is doing the same thing.

Does it make any noise when you try to put it up? If so, it sounds like it's probably the torque pins. If it doesn't make any noise, then you're looking for an electrical problem.
When you connected the 12v source, did you connect both positive & negative to the motor wires? Ground for that motor is supplied thru one of the wires, not the chassis.
1 - 2 of 62 Posts
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