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Power Window Problems

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I did a search and I just want to confirm. I ordered a Torque Pin replacement kit with the gear for about $20. The problem I have is the Passenger Window is slipping and sometimes needs help manually to get it up. The rear window is not moving now at all but the motor is turning. From what I have read this is a common problem and the torque pins need to be replaced.

Did I order the right thing? Are there any things I need to know before hand that will save me some hassle once I attack the problem? The reat window is stuck and will not close all the way, so I need to get that one done soon.

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Looks like I need to do this to my passenger window. If you roll it all the way down, it won't come back up on it's own, you have to tug on it a bit, then it goes up, but once it reaches the top, it doesn't stop, it just bounces off the top a bit.
Just got done. Scratched the piss out of the back of my right hand by reaching in the door. But it worked like a charm. I am surprised it even worked at all before, the pins were all reduced to pretty much dust distributed all throughout the assembly. Popped the new ones in, and it goes up strong!

Yeah, I drilled the holes in the door I did. I dropped a wrench into the door, which is where most of the damage happened to my hand when I had to reach all the way down to get it.
1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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