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Onsite said:
The window motor repair kit that has the Gear and Torque Pins - is it the same for the rear window and the front windows?

I will tackle this when I get back and have a good day to deal with it. I have to do the Passenger Window and Rear Window.
Yup, they're the same animal.

While yer in there, go ahead and lube everything up to make things easier on the motors, they ain't the most robust part on the Bronco...

The passenger side is easy as pie to do, the tailgate requires some vocal motivation and you'll donate some skin and blood inside the tailgate, too.

To drop the tailgate with the window partially up, you'll need to reach inside the tailgate and grab the two little metal rods that lead from the handle in the center to the latches at the edge. Pull them towards the center and the tailgate will unlatch. Becareful not to drop it or you'll be buying a new window. You can probably force the window up by hand once it's down so you can work inside the tailgate easier. Just support it with a sawhorse or something of the like.

Follow a Chilton's (or similar) manual to get to the motors. Take your time, be patient and when you throw a wrench, aim at your neighbor's truck, not yours. *grin*
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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