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I'm back in the saddle again. :chili:

Passenger side wheel wouldn't lock-up, so I take out the PowerTrax No-Slip locker to inspect and find the Active Spacer paddle broken off and getting lodged between the Driver and Coupler. :cry It's about six months past the 2 year warranty so I order a new Active Spacer and wait about 9 days for it to arrive. Day before it arrives I decide to get everything ready to go back together and notice two teeth on the Synchro ring (assembled into the Coupler and interacts with the Active Spacer paddle) are broken (I should have compared it with the other side to begin with, oh well :banghead ). I disassemble the Synchro ring from the Coupler and I call PowerTrax to order a Synchro ring, but told it's not available separately (something to do with machining process),:wacko and would have to buy the whole Coupler assembly (about $63 + shipping).:scratchhe So I complain about how little usage this thing actually gets etc. and get forwarded up the food chain a notch. After talking with them for a few minutes they asked me to send an email explaining why I think they should replace the coupler under warranty anyway. :duel Next day I receive a favorable response they are going to replace both Couplers at no charge. :clap Wanting to get it back together this weekend, I pay for 2nd day air freight.

Well it's all back together now and just waiting for the silicone to set before dumping in gear oil.

PowerTrax / Richmond Gear absolutely did right by me even beyond the warranty period. Just thought I'd let you all know. :twotu:

The broken parts:
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